Get up and running with the eyeo Chromium SDK.

About the eyeo Chromium SDK

eyeo Chromium SDK is a software development kit (SDK) that you can use to integrate eyeo's ad-filtering technology into Chromium-based browsers.
Maintained as a set of patches added to the Chromium project, eyeo Chromium SDK lets you incorporate eyeo's ad-filtering functionality and filter lists into your own browser.
By the end of this quickstart guide, you'll have cloned the eyeo Chromium SDK project and built Chromium with ad blocking for Linux.
This guide assumes familiarity with both Git and the command line.

Install depot_tools

Follow these steps to set up depot_tools:
  1. 1.
    Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. 2.
    Add depot_tools to your PATH:
export PATH="$PATH:/path/to/depot_tools"
When cloning depot_tools to your home directory do not use ~ on PATH, otherwise gclient runhooks will fail to run. Rather, you should use either $HOME or the absolute path:
export PATH="$PATH:${HOME}/depot_tools"

Get eyeo Chromium SDK code

Clone the eyeo Chromium SDK repository using the following command, then move in to the chromium-sdk directory:
git clone
cd chromium-sdk
Expect the command to take 30 minutes on even a fast connection, and many hours on slower ones.

Update dependencies and build

  1. 1.
    Run gclient sync to update the third party dependencies of Chromium:
gclient sync
  1. 2.
    Set up the build:
Chromium uses Ninja as its main build tool along with a tool called GN to generate .ninja files. You can create any number of build directories with different configurations. To create a build directory, run:
gn gen out/Default
  1. 3.
    Build chromium with unit tests:
The following command builds chrome and unit tests:
autoninja -C out/Default chrome components_unittests
Depending on your hardware the build might take several hours to complete.

Run unit tests

You can run ad-filtering unit tests with the following command:
./out/Default/components_unittests --gtest_filter="*Adblock*"
For a more detailed build description and for building for other platforms follow Chromium's standard instructions.

Next up

In this quickstart guide, you cloned and built eyeo Chromium and unit tests.
To test the ad-filtering capabilities of the browser see Testing
Check out the eyeo Chromium SDK Features documentation to learn how eyeo Chromium SDK handles common ad-filtering use cases.